Hogan #2 Idol

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A while back I read that the 17th Street Market and Music Store was holding a 17th Street Idol competition for singer/songwriters. I entered the category for amateurs. The professional category was for singers who earn some money selling their music or performing. That ain’t me.

The first phase was the audition. Three judges, 45 amateur contestants and a lot of jitters for me. I only get a little nervous when performing but this was verrrry different. I sang “Summertime in Tucson” and shook all the way through. I knew I hadn’t passed muster. But, surprisingly, after a week or two chiding myself, I learned I had made the semi finals.

I realized that I was thinking about this all wrong. I decided to approach the semis not as an audition but as a performance.

At the semis I decided to peform, “The Night New Orleans Drowned.” It was a great song choice, all the judges had great things to say and a few folks told me they would see me in the finals. Cool! And they turned out to be right.

At the finals I decided to ride the “New Orleans” horse that got me there and I “placed,” that’s right, I took second. Way Cool! I even won a guitar.

You can listen to “The Night New Orleans Drowned” by clicking above.. If you like it you can download a copy from iTunes or Amazon. Click here for AmazonClick here for iTunes. You can also buy my CDs at CD Baby.

Like I blogged in the post, “Getting off the But,” I put myself out there, stretched myself and was rewarded. Even if I hadn’t placed, the experience helped me grow. That’s the real reward.

Thanks to Jim and Frank and all the folks at 17th Street Market for the opportunity.

Catching Up and Honoring Our Vets

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I have been lazzzzy. I haven’t blogged for months and may not for another few months. Since my last post I’ve written one more song, “Memorial Day,” entered the 17th Street Idol competition, and performed twice with my Moonstruck Coyote brothers: Jim Gates, Phil Anderson and Frank Hartline.

“Memorial Day” was inspired by a service that was held at Eastlawn Cemetery on Memorial Day. Sons of Orpheus performed after the service on the lawn. As we sang “Mansions of the Lord” a vet in the audience was visibly moved and began slowly waving his flag while tears ran down his cheeks, and mine.  

Inspired by the emotions of the day, the words, “Let us remember, ‘lest we forget,” kept running through my head. The balance of the lyrics came pretty easily. The first verse reads:

“Let us remember, ‘lest we forget

Our fallen heros gone to their rest

Fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers

Let us remember our bravest and best.”

We owe our country, our freedoms and much that we hold dear to our veterans. They must be honored and remembered.

On Thursday, Veterans Day, November 11th, 2010, Sons of Orpheus will participate and sing in the annual concert at the VA Hospital on South 6th Ave. and Ajo Way. If you can attend, and say hello and thanks to a vet, please do. If you can’t be there, please remember to remember our vets and all who now serve.

Tucson Folk Festival

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What Fun!!! The Moonstruck Coyotes had a terrific reception from our audience today. Jim Gates, Frank Hartline and I performed a 6 song set: Summertime in Tucson (Jim Hogan), Whole Lotta Texas (Jim Gates), Whiskey Before Breakfast, Tears on My Pillow, Night Rider’s Lament and Another Cerveza Would be Nice (Jim Hogan). 

To think that I originally said no when Frank asked if I wanted to do the Festival this year. Once I said yes it was almost too late for us to apply but Frank sent in the app and we were selected. It is a treat to harmonize with Frank and to watch his smile as he bounces around, dancing and swaying when we sing. Thanks Frank.

Jim Gates is such a talented musician and songwriter. There wasn’t enough time to get in his ” Last Silver Dollar”  but Jim’s rendition of “Night Rider’s” was fabulous as was his mandolin  on “Whiskey”  which got the most audience reaction. He makes the Coyotes “howl” so much better. Thanks Jim.

Someone told us we needed a bass player; he was a bass player. Nice to have people wanting to join your group. Another fellow, one of the MCs said he wanted to add “Another Cerveza” to his repetoir. Cool compliment.

Almost as good as the performing is the rehearsing with these guys. About an hour before our performance we did a full runthrough on the sidewalk outside El Charro and drew a small group of fans. We might wind up viral on youtube.

Next year, the main stage and either Jim or I wins the songwriter’s contest.

3:10 to Yuma

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If you are a singer, you know when a song is right in your wheelhouse. 3:10 to Yuma is a home run for me.

It was written by George Dunning and Ned Washington for the original 1957 film starring Glen Ford and Van Heflin. Frankie Laine made the song popular.

I sang 3:10 to Yuma at Sons of Orpheus’ Gala Spring Concert last Sunday. I have been singing it for many years now with Orpheus and it’s on my “Home in Arizona” CD as well as Orpheus’ CD, “Cowboy Classics.” If I do say so myself, it’s a knockout. Click the Play arrow above to listen.

I’ll be singing it at Orpheus’ Spring Concerts this week and next. Click here for concert info.

Getting Off the But (Butt)

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One thing leads to another. First you have to do the one thing.

I have always sung for myself BUT never got off my BUTT to do anything more. Around the time I turned 50, Nate Miller told me about the Sons of Orpheus, the Male Choir of Tucson. Joining SOO was that one thing. It led to getting involved with a great bunch of guys, debuting one of my songs at the White House, three European concert tours and confirming for myself that I had some pretty good pipes.

This season fellow Orpheans, Frank Hartline, Jim Gates and I formed a trio – The Moonstruck Coyotes – with the intent to sing in the Tucson Folk Festival. There is joy in the rehearsing, the getting better. The performance is the icing on the cake. Since one thing leads to another, it turns out we will not only be in the Folk Festival on May 2nd but we’ll be singing two numbers at Sons of Orpheus’ Spring Concerts.

Next I hear that Frank has gotten us booked for an interview and song on KXCI Radio on April 9th at 2:30.

What’s next? Who knows. But…

Summertime in Tucson

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https://jimhogansings.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/summertime-in-tucson2.mp3My first CD was “Home in Arizona.”

I like writing fun stuff and “Summertime in Tucson” is one of my favorite cuts. It’s an ode to air conditioning, an epic tale that includes God and the devil. Press the play button above the CD cover to listen.

What Do I Write?

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Now that I’ve got this blog, what do I write or write about. I have never been a journal writer but what turns me on is singing and writing songs. Last weeklend I attended a Tucson Symphony concert, “Saddle Up.” It featured my guitar teacher and friend, Bill Ganz, and his band.

I’ve always been a fan of cowboy tunes even though I grew up in Brooklyn and don’t ride horses. Since I started with Bill 13 years ago I’ve written a few tunes about the west. The concert got me thinking on the buckaroos from southern Arizona who wrote many of the cowboy classics. Bob Nolan, Stan Jones, Rex Allen and “Badger” Clarke all were influenced by the landscape and events around Bisbee, Tombstone, Wilcox and Tucson. Inspired, I penned a new tune called “Saddle Up.” It’ about ‘keepin’ the songs of the cowboys alive.’  When recorded I’ll let you know. For now, Keep Singing!